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Everything good in makeup except foundation can mess up the entire look real bad. Getting the right foundation tone is extremely challenging and especially in Pakistan where “skin whitening” trend still has not diminished. It is really difficult to get your foundation that would set perfectly with your skin and will not make you look like a white ghost in camera flash.

Here are some tips from the best makeup artists for best foundation hacks.

  1. BUY TWO SHADES: Nothing is perfect and one shade of foundation is not enough to apply it on your face. You do not want it darker than your neck or lighter than your original skin tone. What you have to do is buying the appropriate foundations, two of them, one slightly lighter and the other one slightly darker than your original skin tone. Mix them both and apply it on the face evenly. Give it some time to rest and apply loose powder. It will work perfect if you have bought both shades according to your skin tone.
  2. PREP THE SKIN: Before applying anything on your face, the best way to start is to apply primer. Primer covers all the blemishes and fills all the pores giving you a plain face to further work on. Just like preparing a canvas for painting, you will be preparing your skin for makeup application. Use the tip of your fingers to apply primer all over your face evenly, natural warmth of the body makes it easier to blend it with your skin. After applying, let it dry for a minute and set it in in the skin pores. After that, you are all ready to go!
  3. BALANCE IS THE KEY: Keep it in mind that the main purpose of foundation is to give you a clear, flawless skin. It is not meant to be applied too much. Only focus on the parts where it needs to be like under the eyes and chin, also your lip corners. Apply one dot of foundation for each part of your face: two for cheeks, one for forehead and so on. Apply all the foundation properly and dab your face gently with a tissue paper to get rid of excess foundation that may spoil the entire look.
  4. CONCEALER, THE COMPLIMENTAORY SAVIOR: Applying foundation but forget about concealer can make your face look partially perfect. It still needs some correction and concealers are always there to help you out with it. Apply concealer everywhere on the face you find a spot or a pimple. Let it set for a while and then you can blend rest of your foundation along with the concealer.

Tip: Never use undereye concealers on any other part of your face. It will ruin what concealer and foundation were supposed to do for you: to make your skin look perfect.

  1. THE TOUCH-UP PHASE: Now that everything is in place, spray some mist to get extra glowing skin. Or you can also mix shimmer with foundation before applying it to the face for a long lasting glowing effect. Set your highlighter in all the right places as it should be and you are ready to go!

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